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Leaving religion can be scary. You don’t have to do it alone.

The *Life After is about life after leaving oppressive, toxic religious environments. The podcast is hosted by religion survivors, Brady Hardin (formerly Reformed Southern Baptist) and Chuck Parson (formerly a liberal Christian turned Christian Mystic). They are committed to create and provide free resources for those who have left or are leaving toxic religion.

Brady Hardin started the podcast after leaving his religious roots, which he experienced as oppressive. Brady’s life improved greatly by untangling dogma with therapy, education, and transparency. After Brady pitched the idea of starting a podcast about life after leaving toxic religion to a small group of friends who also left their religions, Chuck Parson jumped on board immediately, bridging a decade-long gap in their friendship.

People are leaving Evangelicalism in masses. Maybe you’re one of them. Whether you stopped believing after listening to your doubts, were cast aside because you’re LGBT+, experienced trauma perpetuated or covered-up by a church, or whatever your unique experience is, you aren’t alone.

All are welcome to listen including those have left a religion, those thinking of leaving their faith, those who are in the middle of the transition, and religious people that want to keep their faith community a positive one. And everyone in-between, of course.

Read about Religious Trauma Syndrome here: http://journeyfree.org/rts

Be you. Be free.


And remember, if you don’t go to church, Sunday is just a second Saturday.


Hosts: Brady Hardin (read about Brady’s life here and here) and Chuck Parson (listen to Chuck’s episode on his life here).