Episode 16: “Indoctrination” with Tim Warzel and Jamie Lee Finch


Indoctrination is one very essential topic that sort of permeates everything we talk about on this show, but so far we haven’t really addressed it directly. It is so pervasive within religious systems that its almost impossible to talk about anything on this show without it looming in the background.

That makes it difficult to really define and nail down. OED defines it as “The process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.” What you end up with is a long line of dominoes, each domino is one of the things you have to believe to in order for your religious system to remain whole. Indoctrination is the insistence that you don’t poke, prod, remove, or even too closely observe the any of the dominoes because what happens if you knock one over? The whole system is exposed.

Host Brady and Chuck sat down their friends, Tim Warzel and Jamie Lee Finch, to discuss the ever-present ghost called indoctrination.

To learn more about Jamie’s work, follow her on Twitter, @jamieleefinch or visit her website: jamieleefinch.com.

1 Comment

  1. I have stepped away from church for the past three years now. I’ve felt so alone on the outside. This podcast really helped me to accept the choice I made and realize I am in fact not alone. The terms indoctrination and gas lighting define my experience to a T. Thank you for your courage in sharing and for putting to words what I’ve known in my gut I’ve been feeling but to ashamed to admit. Wow.


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