Episode 13: “#ChurchToo” with Kyla Bauer and Jamie Lee Finch


TW: This episode contains stories of sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse (not in great detail).

The episode that kept growing! What started as a mini-project to release while Chuck worked on a more complex episode kept putting itself in our view as the news of sexual predators poured out. Much of the world has a problem knowing, defining, and respecting consent. Women, who were once made to feel powerless, have proven their predators wrong by coming forward while others, for a wide spectrum of reasons, remain silent. We speak with one of our favorite guests, Jamie Lee Finch, about consent, desire for power that leads to abuse, and sexual ethics.

Listener Kyla Bauer ends the episode with a powerful story of how her family did what was “right” in the eyes of the Bible, but it led them right back into the cycle of abuse.

To learn more about Jamie’s work, follow her on Twitter, @jamieleefinch or visit her website: jamieleefinch.com.

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