Things I’ve Realized After Answering The *Life After’s Emails

  1. I begin almost every reply with “Holy Sh*t” after someone tells me their story. This is instinctive and genuine every time
  2. Every one of us felt like we were one of a few leaving our religion at one point or another (we weren’t)
  3. It takes time to learn that we aren’t selfish for doing what’s right for us, but when we get it, it changes so much for the better
  4. So many of us have complex relationships with our families and friends now, but over time, it seems to get better or we find a better replacement
  5. People who have gone through religious trauma often walk taller now because we carry priceless wisdom we wouldn’t have otherwise
  6. I have a deep respect for anyone who decided to be themselves when they were told that they shouldn’t. It’s noble and courageous
  7. Purity Culture has screwed over so many of us, but we seem to be making up for it just fine 😏
  8. The LGBT community (myself included) especially needed to hear how we should listen to our own instincts in Episode Four with Jamie Lee Finch
  9. Florida’s Christian colleges are breeding grounds for bizarre stories
  10. I want to be friends with practically all of you

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