Victim Blaming and the Church

We have touched on a few of these themes recently on the show. “That’s your cross to bare.” “You shouldn’t have put yourself in that situation.” “Why would you go to that church if they were like that?” And the worst, “Boys will be boys.”

When people want to think God is in control, they often depend on this psychological mindset, but it sounds different in the church. “God has a plan for it.” “What lesson is God teaching you in this?” “Everything happens for a reason.” “Don’t focus on people, they will always disappoint you. Focus rather on God.” “Christians are just people too.” “They didn’t mean harm by it.” They often try to justify a situation as if God will come through to teach the victim instead of finding justice. They are defending thier worldview and the not the victim as they should.

Stand up. Don’t take it.

Watch this video. MTV got woke.

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